Alt-right posters appear on campus

Scott Hastie
November 21, 2016
This article was published more than 2 years ago.
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Those who were early to campus on Monday morning were in for quite a shock.

Posters linking to alt-right websites -- meaning people who hold far right views and oppose things like multiculturalism, immigration and "political correctness" - were seen on campus. The alt-right has been linked to Neo-Nazism and white supremacy. Their leader is a white nationalist, Richard Spencer, who told NPR he would not condemn people for wearing Ku Klux Klan wardrobes or drawing swastikas.

The Silhouette had two posters on the door, and at least one student centre staircase had a poster.

McMaster University is aware of the posters.

"They are now being removed," said Gord Arbeau, Director of Communications for McMaster. "McMaster is committed to being a welcoming and inclusive community and the University condemns the messages contained on the poster."

McMaster security is working on locating and removing all the posters. They will also work to determine who put the posters up.


According to CBC Hamilton, there were similar fliers found in Westdale.

UPDATE: Posters were found in the student centre at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 23 in reaction to the "alt-right" posters.

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For posters to be put up on McMaster's campus, they must be approved by MSU Underground. Approved posters receive a stamp and can then be put up. Posters without a stamp will be taken down by university staff.


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