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Daniel Arauz
January 19, 2017
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Aquino Inigo - Honours Life Sciences IV

Aquino Inigo’s approach to the MSU presidency is one which attempts to address wide range of complex, and fundamentally different student issues.

The Level IV Life Science student, Student Walk Home Team volunteer, McMaster Science Society Vice President (Academic) and Student Representative Assembly member plans to tackle campus safety, increase the amount of streetlights in student neighbhourhoods, lowering textbook costs, adding a counselor for first years to the Student Wellness Centre, all the while introducing new faculty conferences and a campus art crawl.

In comparison to this year’s MSU President, whose platform was focused on relatively set issues and a central campaign message emphasizing sustainability, Inigo is taking a shotgun approach to the candidacy.

To Inigo, an MSU president needs to try and serve the needs of as many students as possible. This is reflected in the sheer scope of his campaign, which will need to collaborate with university and faculty administration, as well as Security Services and Hamilton city council.

“Over the last three years, I have worked hard to bring change to McMaster….I have a passion for the school and I think the passion is really what qualifies a student to be president,” said Inigo.

Inigo identified his most ambitious platform point to be the implementation of an online open access database for university courseware. He cites a similar system that was implemented in the University of British Colombia, where students are able to access open text books, lesson plans, hand outs, and other course material shared by educators.

One of the stand-out points of Inigo’s platform is the promise to increase campus safety. This involves the implementation of 2-5AM exam season shuttle busses that run from campus to nearby Westdale and Ainslie Wood stops and the introduction of a student volunteer patrol team that will work campus security and special constables to deter crime.

Opponent’s platform he’s fond of:

Chukky’s platform

“I think he his platform is overarching in the sense that he has many points to tackle student problems, things like getting better food security, as well as better Wi Fi... small things that can be tangibly I think what I like about his platform is that it’s very overarching.”

Platform he’s most critical of:

Patricia’s Diversity event

“The reason for this is that her platform is good in the sense that it brings people together but I believe that many of her points are sort of things that already exist on campus. Her point on bringing a lot of multicultural things together is already done by a club called Pangea in a big way. I think just putting the name MSU on it and making it in a bigger way is a good way of going about it but I believe she can bring more to the table.”


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