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Emily ORourke
November 15, 2018
This article was published more than 2 years ago.
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[spacer height="20px"]Working at a newspaper is a good time, especially when the mean comments come in.

Here at the Silhouette, we’re no stranger to harsh comments. For real, just go through our Facebook reviews. For whatever reason, you folks think that you could do our job better than we can.

Sure, maybe you could, but you don’t, so until you overthrow the staff at the Silhouette and claim the paper as your own, we’re asking you to roast us.

Your student fees have paid for the Silhouette to keep on for the past 89 years and our content and design is entirely student-made. We want to represent you and your interests as accurately as we can.

If you vehemently hate the Speculator and all it stands for, hate the fact that we’re not, in your words, a “real” news source, or that our crosswords are a heaping pile of poo, roast us.

We’ve put out tons of surveys over the years and for some reason, while everyone roasts us any other time of year, no one has anything to say when a survey comes out. This is your chance to tell us what you really want.  

Want to see more spicy opinion pieces about free speech on campus? Tell us. Want to see more serious, investigative news pieces? Let us know! More memes on Instagram? Hell yeah, say so!

We’ve been through some big changes this year, from strengthening our online voice, growing our video talents and generally becoming better rounded in our content, we’ve definitely modernized our content to fit the general mood. But there’s always room for improvement.

Help us with this! Be honest and critical. Tell us that you hate our guts, if you want, but give us a productive solution so that we can move forward in the ways you want to see.

To help get this feedback, we’re setting up the roast of the Sil. This will take shape in the form of an online survey which will give you the chance to get things off your chest, once and for all. Not only will you get the opportunity to roast us, you’ll also get a chance to win one of twelve prizes in our Twelve Days of Exams campaign which will be launched over the coming weeks.

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