Creating a Mosaic of Craft Beer

July 18, 2019
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By: Andrew Mrozowski

In the heart of Barton village, a newly-opened bar brings the community a different experience. Named after a fruity type of hops used in some beers, Mosaic is giving Hamiltonians a new place to socialize and drink locally brewed craft beer.

Co-owned by 12 friends, it was their goal from the start to create a space that feels like a second living room.

“We wanted somewhere that is more comfortable and welcoming where people can come and socialize,” said Tyler Roach, co-owner of Mosaic.

Living in Hamilton for nine years, Roach developed an appreciation for the city’s local bars; however, he and his work colleagues found themselves getting bored.

“There is a severe lack of craft beer bars in the city because everyone keeps opening restaurants. We had an opportunity to do something that we wanted so we gave it a try,” said Roach.

The owners originally looked at other locations before deciding on Barton Street, seeing it as an opportunity to be part of an up and coming neighbourhood.

“The original plan wasn’t to be a part of the new Barton, but so much has happened with the transition from retirees to young families. The community response has been so positive and people are happy that there is a safe space they can go to and hangout with their friends,” said Roach.

Mosaic boasts fourteen tap lines with a heavy focus on local Ontario craft beers, many of them directly sourced from breweries across Hamilton and surrounding areas. Since Mosaic has opened, they have had a good relationship with local brewery Grain & Grit, who brewed the bar a special opening weekend beer using mosaic hops. They also feature beers from Fairweather Brewing Company, Great Lakes Beer Collective Arts as well as others.

“It’s a mix of trying to choose interesting beers and staple styles so there is an option for every beer drinker. There is an option for you that will be familiar enough, but we also have different and interesting beers that maybe aren’t coming to Hamilton yet,” said Roach.

The bar not only has a wide variety of craft beers, but also serves wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. To compliment, Mosaic offers up a snack menu featuring charcuterie boards, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. The 12 owners have ensured that there is an experience for every taste palate at Mosaic.

On the first Friday of each month, Barton businesses host Barton First Fridays in which each business has something unique happening. During this time, Mosaic showcases local Hamiltonian artists in the form of a mini gallery.

“Each of [the owners] has a different element that we each bring to the bar,” said Roach. “One of us really loves art and knows a lot of artists so we are bringing them in and showcasing their work. We are always trying to evolve and bring something new to Barton.”

To the 12 owners, Mosaic represents more than the name of their bar or the hops used in some of their favourite craft beer. The hops have a wide-ranging flavour profile comparable to the different ideas that each owner brings to the table, and even more so to the wide array of diversity that Hamilton has to offer.

From the warm inviting home-style décor to its twenty-foot long bar, Mosaic has tapped into a unique space on Barton Street East.

“Barton is a part of the city that is a fundamental place for people to come and experience,” said Roach.

Some students have a hard time being away from home. Tucked away in the heart of Barton village, the space provides a new experience but still feels familiar. Bringing Hamilton all the comforts of home, Mosaic is a great place to relax with a craft beer and enjoy the company of friends.

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