Culinary Class Act: The Fizz Sodas + Sandwiches

Daniel Arauz
January 11, 2018
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What is it?

Despite my well-documented love for trying new foods, I have been eating the same lunch for my entire life as a student: a plain, but effective coldcut number with Havarti cheese and lettuce.

Perhaps my rigid relationship with the sandwich has interfered with my curiosity for downtown Hamilton’s dedicated sandwich and soda shop: The Fizz. I instantly regretted that after my first bite of their pulled pork shoulder, apple cider vinaigrette, smoked cheddar, honey and roasted jalapeno sandwich.

The Fizz is a sandwich and soda shop that serves and delivers some of the best lunch and dinner options for students looking for a convenient delivery option, or for an opportunity to explore King Street East.

This is one of the best places to get a delicious sandwich downtown, with a menu featuring flavours and ingredient combinations that are sure to satisfy.

How to get there:

Take the 1 or 5 bus from campus to Main and Walnut.

Once you arrive, walk along Walnut Street South towards the nearby King Street East intersection.

The Fizz’s bright blue exterior will be just shy of the intersection across from King Karaoke.

Price range:

Sandwiches range from $8.00 to $10.00, while most generously portioned “small” sides are $3.00.

Their delicious hand mixed sodas are $2.00 for a small and $2.50 for a large.

It is worth checking their website and Instagram feed for daily specials.

Many of these deals are perfect for group orders that include two sandwiches, including a 50 per cent off your second sandwich deal on Saturdays, and $2.00 sides and large drinks on Tuesdays.

The Fizz is also one of the few restaurants on Skip The Dishes that provides free delivery on any orders over $20.00, making it ideal to order for small groups.

Must-order item:

The aforementioned love-at-first-bite pork shoulder sandwich, “The Pigskin”, is a personal favourite. You really can’t go wrong with anyone of their smoked and BBQ style meat sandwiches, with daily specials that have featured smoked brisket, lamb, and even venison.

When I’m craving something a bit lighter, I go for the Fustercluck: smoked chicken with avocado-lime mayo, charred corn, black beans and jack cheese.

The beauty of this item is in the avocado-lime mayo, which can also be requested as a fantastic dipping option to go alongside my favourite side of their kettle chips.

Additionally, The Fizz offers a vegetarian smoked pepper-based sandwich with zucchini, mushrooms, red pepper mayo, goat cheese and arugula on ciabatta.

While I normally hold off on purchasing soft drinks, you shouldn’t pass up the strawberry basil, blueberry mint or sour cherry soda. These drink pairs perfectly with any one of their sandwich options.

Why it’s great:

The Fizz prides itself on their simple, but expertly crafted sandwiches, and has even inspired some revisions to my usual go to lunch item.

Most of all, in spite of their time and attention they put into crafting some fantastic quality and interesting combinations of ingredients, they still provide a ton of food for an extremely reasonable price.

While new, trendy dine-in experiences naturally spur the most attention, its these convenient, reliable and neighborhood-conscious spots like The Fizz that I love, and will always keep coming back to.

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