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April 4, 2013
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Exams are a time for us to buckle down, attempt to get a half decent mark on our finals and hope that we don’t fail our classes just to have wasted four. But in this time of holing up in Mills, Thode, or even Innis (where’s that, right?) doing things other than studying will help to keep you sane. We’ve complied a bucket list of things in and around McMaster and the city of Hamilton to keep you busy when you’ve had enough of studying and you’ve already clicked every link on Reddit.


  1. Get day drunk at 1280, or the Phoenix. It really doesn’t matter where. The point is that it’s before 5 p.m. and you are stumbling home.
  2. Go to Yogurty’s and fill your cup with every flavour available that day. Add all the toppings you want. Who cares if it’s $15, it just means three times the points on your rewards card. Don’t deny it, we all know you have one.
  3. Only got $20 in your pocket? Go thrifting in downtown Hamilton. Spend a rainy afternoon jumping from shop to shop. It’s April in Hamilton, so we’re bound to have a few of those drizzly days.
  4. While you’re downtown, sample the many food trucks roaming the streets. The Lumberjack from Gorilla Cheese is amazing: Cheese, bacon, granny smith apples and maple syrup. What’s not to love?
  5. Have a Pinterest Potluck. Everyone invited picks and makes a recipe from Pinterest. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or drinks, get together and enjoy all the delicious eats. Use group study as an excuse if you really need to squeeze in some extra cramming!
  6. Catch a show at the Westdale Theatre. Its shabby-chic throwback to old cinemas provides great atmosphere, and it’s right next door to the Bean Bar.
  7. Throw on your plaid shirt and ripped jeans and ride the bull at Dirty Dogs. Make it a competition to see who stays on the longest. Loser buys the winner a drink!
  8. Toonie Tuesday at Cupcakes in Westdale. Need we say more?
  9. On one of the few nice afternoons in April, visit Cootes Paradise. Bring a camera to capture a fantastic new desktop background. It’ll remind you to power through exams, for summer is on the other side of your last final!

10. After pulling an inevitable all-nighter of studying, head to the Pancake House on Main Street. Make sure you order lots of coffee with your breakfast - you’re gonna need it.

11. Finished your last exam? After your late night and intoxicated celebrating, try and make your way to Tally Ho! It is probably your best bet for greasy drunk food in the wee hours of the morning.

12. Explore Locke Street! There are many great independent shops and fantastic little restaurants there for you to enjoy. If you’re going out for dinner with friends, skip the chain restaurants and try a restaurant exclusive to Hamilton.

13. Love to sing? Get a group of friends together and go to one the karaoke nights just a short bus-ride from campus! Tuesday is karaoke night at Boston Pizza, Friday at Rolly Rockets and Sunday at Snooty Fox!

14. Want to get out of Hamilton for an afternoon? Baseball season is just starting up; grab a friend and go to Toronto for a Jays game. Cheap tickets can be bought in the box office, so just go out on a whim! (But double-check beforehand that it’s not a sold-out game!)

15. Love live music? Check out bands playing clubs in Hamilton. Show listings and locations can be found in ANDY.


These suggestions for different ways to keep your sanity throughout the month of April will hopefully help get you through exams. You’re all capable people, Marauders. We know you can do it.

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