Fashion Trends We Won’t Escape in Spring 2013

Bahar Orang
January 17, 2013
This article was published more than 2 years ago.
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  1. High Fashion Sweatshirts: Marvel-Inspired crew neck sweaters paired with white pumps, high-waisted skirts, and dark ‘90s lipstick will be a street style staple in months to come. Lovin’ the comfy-ness and the nerdy shout-out, but downside: being scammed into dishing out way too much for gym-wear.
  2.  High-Waisted Cut-offs: Tumblr went nuts over ombre, denim, and tye-dyed high waisted shorts that are more often than not cut off a little too short (hanging bum cheeks ftw). Buy ‘em at American Apparel for $435464357 or find a Youtube tutorial and a pair of old mommy jeans.
  3. ‘60s Silhouettes: Small waists, full skirts, cardigans, round buns, and short curly hair. Fashion tries once again to re-structure the disheveled ‘90s look.
  4. Rocker Chic: Motorcycle jackets, studded collars, studded shoulders, leather pants, leather peplum. The ‘90s edginess isn’t going away without a studded fight.
  5. Wedge Sneakers: I have yet to understand why fashion would take something as comfy chic as the sneaker and give it a heel.
  6. Animal Prints: Leopard print, cheetah print, snakeskin – RAWR.
  7. Contrast: Polka-dots paired with plaid, chunky black and white stripes, military raincoats with leather sleeves. Designers are turning up their nose to matchi-matchiness.
  8. Chunky Layered Necklaces: We layered our bracelets until there was no arm space left, so we started on our necks.
  9. Bikes: High fashion Print Ads with bikes, designers sending their models down the runway on bikes and entire style blogs dedicated to documenting stylish men and women on bikes. Is it environmental or just nostalgia?
  10. PeekaBoo: Dresses with the side cutouts, dress shirts with shoulders peeking out, tights with round cutouts and heart-shaped holes in the backs of blazers. Sexy? Or just DIY gone wrong?


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