GO Transit has removed the 47 express but there's another bus coming soon

Max Adams
February 10, 2022
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C/O PawlessPanda, Reddit

The line starts back there.

As students return to in-person classes, many commuters are voicing frustration at the long lines and lack of GO service plaguing the on-campus bus terminal.  

On Reddit’s r/mcmaster, user PawlessPanda uploaded a video that appears to show a line stretching from the bus terminal. 

“Is it going to be like this every day,” wrote user AhmedT710. 

Another student claimed they waited over an hour and a half before getting on the bus.  

According to the GO Transit trip planner, Route 47 express lines A, B, C, D, E, F or H are not currently operating. For now, students who take the GO bus to and from McMaster will need to take Route 41, which makes more stops.  

The Silhouette sent the Reddit post to Metrolinx, the company that operates GO Transit, for comment on the status of transit from McMaster’s GO bus terminal.

Starting Feb. 10, 2022, GO Transit will be adding busses to reduce wait times and crowding along Route 41. Metrolinx attributes the lower levels of service to lower ridership levels during the pandemic.  

"To respond to the change in ridership, beginning tomorrow, we are adjusting and adding buses to reduce wait times and crowding along Route 41 to McMaster University . . . We continue to monitor ridership on all bus routes as well as customer feedback to ensure we are providing a positive customer experience," said a representative for Metrolinx.

Metrolinx did not comment on resuming express route services to McMaster University, which includes the popular Route 47. 

This is a developing story.  


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