Hamilton Day is back for another round in 2022

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Hamilton Day event supports local businesses in the city.

On Nov. 5, the city held its second annual Hamilton Day event, a one-day vendor event focused on showcasing and supporting local businesses. 

The event was first held in 1931 by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce during the Great Depression in order to help the economy and the city’s people. It has now evolved into a strong symbol of staying strong during hard times.  

After working with the Stoney Creek & Flamborough Chambers and the 13 Business Improvement Areas in 2021, Hamilton Day was even able to help small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event supports all types of businesses, from cafes, bars, theatres, retail shops and florists to gym, fitness studios and independent artists and musicians. 

For the special day, many businesses offered specials or collaborated with other businesses to promote local shopping. They also received a free three-month membership to GetintheLoop, Hamilton Day’s official partner, to gain access to various resources and be featured on the online map

Katie Stiel, the project manager at the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, participated in the organization of last year’s Hamilton Day event and was excited to plan it again as there was an overwhelmingly positive response last year.  

“People flocked to [Hamilton Day]. They were so keen to share where they were supporting [and] who people should go check out in the city,” she said. 

“People flocked to [Hamilton Day]. They were so keen to share where they were supporting [and] who people should go check out in the city."

Katie Stiel, project manager Of Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Business owners also shared it was also one of the busiest days of the year. Many had special promotions for Hamilton Day and worked together with the community to stir up optimism and enthusiasm for local small businesses. 

In addition to showcasing businesses that have permanent locations, the Hamilton Day event wanted to focus on pop-ups or marketplaces that sell to customers. All the different businesses that come out and partnerships with so many industries are all part of what makes this event unique to the city. 

The variety of options and markets part of the event are what makes it different from anything else in Hamilton. From the Ottawa Street Farmers Market to the BIPOC market at Afrolicious, there is bound to be something for everyone on Hamilton Day. 

Stiel explained the event was a great opportunity for McMaster students to explore the city of Hamilton and see everything the city has to offer. The event allows people to see other communities that they may not be normally exposed to and learn about the people who make up the city and its surrounding neighbourhoods.  

“It's a great chance for students to get to know their neighbours, know local businesses, see what's here and see all the amazing things their city has to offer,” Stiel explained. 

In the future, Stiel hopes Hamilton Day will grow and expand into an even bigger venture. By taking feedback from businesses and consumers, the event can improve to create the best possible experience for everyone. 

“It's a great opportunity to for patrons to explore the city. And it's a great opportunity for businesses to raise their hand and use a platform to engage with the community...I would just encourage people to make the day their own,” she stated. 

All the available businesses that participated in the event can be found on the website. Hamilton Day is the perfect choice for a fun outing with friends while still supporting the city at the same time. 


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