Hamilton Fashion Week aims to change public perspective on fashion

Joleen Awad
January 19, 2023
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Hamilton Fashion Week and Gala Fashion Show highlight the stylish and trendy side of the city and promote local designers. 

From Feb. 12 to 18, Hamilton will be hosting their annual Fashion Week which will end with the Gala Fashion Show on Feb. 18. The events will be hosted at The Music Hall in downtown Hamilton, on Main Street West and tickets can be found on their website. 

The purpose of Fashion Week is to promote local Hamiltonian and Canadian designers. The organizers of the event also hope the city and students to recognize and want to support the artists who are revolutionizing fashion in the country. 

Ken Biehler, Fashion Week’s executive producer and chairperson, hopes the event will help bring awareness and change the perspective on fashion in Canada, so more people are willing to explore and learn about the industry.  

Biehler’s main career is running a real estate photography company, Venture. Prior to being involved with Fashion Week, he had no primary interest in fashion. However, around 10 years ago, Biehler recognized the lack of recognition for this industry in Hamilton and wanted to use his marketing skills to change this.  

As a producer of Fashion Week, Biehler describes his job as providing opportunities for people in fashion. Through education, exposure and connections, Biehler uses these key words to try to make Fashion Week reach its fullest potential. 

“So what we want to do is make sure that people get value and a really good event where they are going to enjoy themselves,” Biehler said. 

The hardest part of the fashion show for Biehler is convincing the audience that fashion is essential to their lives, such as using clothing to make good first impressions or express themselves.  

In the past the show has received lots of praise and positive reception.  

“Almost everyone I’ve talked to after the event. . .they’re just blown away by how much fun [they’ve had],” Biehler explained.  

“Almost everyone I’ve talked to after the event. . .they’re just blown away by how much fun [they’ve had]."

Ken Biehler, Fashion Week’s executive producer and chairperson

Biehler hopes everyone who walks away from the show has a good time with the live entertainment and acknowledges the talent and art the designers have. Biehler encourages the audience to take the time to explore the different options that fashion can offer besides the traditional mall, such as supporting local boutiques. 

The university population is a key demographic for Fashion Week because of the interest this generation has in fashion. Biehler explained students are more likely to buy from small businesses and support boutiques, which is why the occasion appeals to the population. 

The Fashion Week events and Gala Fashion Show can be a great opportunity for students interested in fashion and clothing to discover more about what Canadian designers have to offer. A fun outing with friends or solo, there are a variety of events to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy the week and support local artists at the same time. 


  • Joleen Awad

    Joleen is in her third year of the Combined Honours PNB and English program. At the Sil, her goal is to get students excited about the underrated artistic side of Hamilton and McMaster by highlighting everything it has to offer. When not writing articles, Joleen loves to read, get food at Westdale with friends, or watch romantic comedy movies.

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