Hamilton's worst roads list made public

Jemma Wolfe
April 22, 2014
This article was published more than 2 years ago.
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Do you ever plan your route around dilapitated streets, routinely change lanes to avoid gigantic potholes and curse Hamilton's aging asphalt as your car lurches over yet another bump in the road? Then a new list released by the City of Hamilton detailing the city's worst roads will already be familiar to you.

Here, the city's worst roads are listed along with the planned year for reconstruction and the budget for the repairs.

  • Centennial Parkway - King to Arrowsmith (2014) $6.3M
  • West 5th - Stone Church to LINC (2014) $2.9M
  • West 5th - Mohawk College (south access) to Gateview (2014) $3.3M
  • Burlington Street & Industrial Dr. – Birch to the MTO limit (2014 - 2018) $14.57M
  • Parkdale Avenue - Barton to Burlington (2015) $3.4M
  • Garth Street - Stone Church to Rymal (2015) $4.5M
  • Mountain Brow Boulevard (2014/2015) $4.9M
  • King Street - Battlefield to Applewood (2015) $4.35M
  • Rymal Road - Fletcher to Dartnall  (2014) $11.0M

No other details about specific construction timelines or road closures have been released at this time.

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