Jason Wolwowicz puts emphasis on student feedback

Tyler Welch
January 23, 2014
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The Wolwowicz campaign got off to a slow start after suffering website troubles for the first days of the race, but the team is working hard to spread the “not just a number” message and promote their platform.

The platform itself consists, mostly, of undeveloped ideas that call for student feedback.

Wolwowicz wants to ensure that a variety of study environments exist on campus. His plan is to gather feedback from students and figure out what types of spaces are most in need. Whether that results in more demand for quiet space, group study rooms, or private cubicles, Wolwowicz would rearrange current study spaces to meet those needs.

“It’s really about getting student feedback and tailoring the space that we have to make students happy,” he said.

This may be his most specific platform point.

His plans for “increasing experiential education options,” and adding an end of year celebration both look to the students for direction.

Wolwowicz seeks to ensure that each faculty organizes committees to think of new ideas for education options and encourage students to take courses outside of their faculty.

His hope for an end of year celebration would also be in the hands of the student body.

“Let’s give the students a chance to give ideas,” he said.

Wolwowicz has spoken to Campus Events about the idea and been assured that the money is there.

Despite not having a budget or knowing what the event would be, he is confident that the celebration would occur. It would take place between the end of classes and the start of exams in the spring.

“It would be completely up to Campus Events and the students; It could be a concert or interactive event, or anything,” he said.

Wolwowicz’s Bright-Idea program is an idea similar to those of Teddy Saull and Jacob Brodka. It is a system where students submit, and subsequently review, ideas for new ways to improve campus or student life. A new idea would go through committee and be chosen by students each term.

Unlike Saull’s or Brodka’s plan, the Wolwowicz incarnation of the idea seems more hopeful than practical. He has not placed a cap on the amount of money these projects can receive, nor does he know exactly where the money will come from.

Jason Wolwowicz is likeable and engaging, but his ideas may have more words than substance. It remains to be seen whether students will vote for a leader with his or her own ideas, or choose the candidate who will be asking for their’s.

Campaign catchphrase: Not just a number
Year/Program: Fourth-year French and political science
Who he would vote for: Jyssika Russell
Most ambitious platform point: Increasing experiential education options
Point he’s most critical of: People who have ‘inclusion’ and ‘equity’ in their platform. They should simply be givens, and to make them a platform point is redundant.


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