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January 19, 2017
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By: Ruchika Gothoskar

Matthew Vukovic - Engineering V

Matt Vukovic is excited to run for president, not because he’s been planning on doing it for months or years like other candidates, but simply because he’s taking a rather unconventional approach to the presidential race.

Vukovic has been an active member of the McMaster Engineering Society in the past, but has no previous experience within the McMaster Students Union, something he states is an advantage due to his extensive time spent as an “outsider to [the MSU’s] system”. He also has yet to critically evaluate the platforms of the other five candidates, but believes staunchly that those running for president are more often than not interested exclusively on “leaving a legacy”, oftentimes “at the expense of the very students the MSU is charged with representing”.

Vukovic’s platform focuses on three pillars, which he has yet to decide on where to put, and is supposedly “waiting on a quote back from a contractor”. With attention on food, campus washrooms and the Student Representative Assembly, Vukovic hopes to achieve some rather outlandish goals. He admits that his most difficult platform point to integrate within the McMaster community will be the the replacement of all campus foods with nutrient rations and meal replacements such as Soylent, but agrees that pushing further to ultimately abolish the SRA is a close second. “There is a very strong disconnect between the SRA’s action and what the desires of the faculty body are – there have been multiple attempts to remedy this, and obviously none of them have been effective,” he explained. His website suggests even more extreme measures, vouching for the fact that the attachment could range from a simple pair of handcuffs to a conjoining organ graft.

Vukovic remains firm in his belief that, although he hasn’t read all the platforms, those advocating for more student space have goals that are too lofty – including the candidates who will be voting YES to the Student Activity Fee referendum, allowing for expansion the Athletics and Recreation department.

“Even though we might need the space, I don’t think it should come at the expense of the students anyway,” he said. “Hearing what the fee structure is supposed to be, I strongly disagree with the plan.”

Vukovic believes that his platform is ultimately focused on making the MSU evolve into something it should’ve been from the start – fast, efficient and attentive to the needs of the students rather than the desires of the SRA or the Board of Directors. After being a student for five years, he says that he has yet to see any real change, and although there might be internal differences, there’s no tangible change seen for the average student.


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