Mindset and Language Choice

December 19, 2020
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Have you ever noticed how your choice of language can have a much greater impact on how you experience the world each day? The Alumni Association has some helpful tips for you, especially as exam season wraps up and you prepare for another term.

Life as a student can have its challenges. You’re expected to balance a heavy course load, make time for extra curriculars, and don’t forget part-time jobs and family responsibilities. However, in the middle of all this chaos, there is an obvious mindset you may be overlooking which can easily help to reduce your stress and boost feelings of empowerment – and that is by simply understanding how you choose to communicate both with yourself and others. Think of some of the most common phrases you use:

• Have to, Need to, Going to
• Can’t vs Won’t
• Want vs Need
• Know vs Perceive

By becoming more cognizant of the differences between these phrases we can establish more positive expectations for ourselves and others and define our commitments and narratives more accurately going into next term. So, take these next few weeks to destress and remember the main lesson here – speak intentionally!

For the full article by Mike Sturm visit: https://mikesturm.medium.com/how-your-choice-of- words-can-reduce-stress-and-empower-you-74e921b0c857

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