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Brandon Meawasige
January 31, 2013
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In the heat of the moment we do not always have the luxury of time to stop and simply press play. Between the removal of clothes, especially during the layer-ridden winter months, some things just take precedence.

That being said, if there is ever time to put on the breaks and reach for your iTunes, an entire new world of enjoyment awaits. Adding music to the already melodious world of sex brings about a sensory experience like no other.

Sitting down to pick a mix of songs right then and there may be counter-productive and ambitious. There is nothing wrong with having prepared playlists specifically for the occasion. And much like anything else, variety is important.

Before sitting down and selecting your musical accompaniments consider that though it be taboo, sexual tempo and musical tempo go hand in hand. Additionally, there is nothing more fragile and crucial than mood.

However, the most important thing, above all else, is being you. It will be totally transparent to your partner if the music you play is out of character. For example, if AC/DC and the Doors are staples in your musical diet, busting out R. Kelly or Usher may not work in your favor. Granted, there are exceptions as some people have eclectic and versatile tastes in music; kudos if this describes you.

For everyone else, there are a few rules of thumb. It is undeniable that certain songs and genres are better but before venturing out of your comfort zone, first peruse your library to find the sexiest music you have.

Keep in mind that sex can often take on many forms. There is nothing wrong with having a couple of playlists that reflect the type of sex you want to have.

From personal experience, keeping three playlists at your disposal is the way to go. The first should be obvious: a slow and more romantic compilation for special people or encounters. For me, there are several ways to accomplish this mood and tempo. “Thinkin About You” by Frank Ocean, “Rolling Stone” by The Weeknd,Purple Rain” by Kiss and “Falsettoby The Dream are just a few of my most recommended for this purpose.

A second playlist should be for slightly more casual or lusty experiences that can range anywhere from a post-bar tryst to solid make-up sex. On this one I tend to go with a little more bass. “Work Out” by J. Cole, “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC, “Internet Friends” by Knife Party (trust me), and “The Ex” by Billy Talent (trust me again) each bring some extra adrenaline to the table, or whatever other surface works.

The third and final playlist should be the most mixed in terms of tempo and genre. The variety is meant for someone you are used to and comfortable with - which often leads to a variety of different sexual experiences. Generally, this would be a regular partner or significant other. A few suggestions include “Passenger” by Deftones, “The Zone” by The Weeknd ft. Drake and “Crave You” by Adventure Club.

Sex music is different for everyone and it is all about what works for you, your experience and those you choose to share it with. Select your music with care and you will definitely add a different level of enjoyment to one of the most beautiful forms of human interaction.


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