Rant: Dear Christmas,

November 14, 2013
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Sarah O'Connor
Staff Reporter

Dear Christmas,

You're my favourite holiday, and I know I’m not alone on that. I just can't resist you. I love the Christmas music, the Christmas specials, the candy canes, the Santa hats, the multicoloured trees and singing ornaments. The looks on my family’s faces, excitement and love, sitting around the Christmas tree and opening presents with glee. It’s a chance for us all to be together with no work or school. And once it snows, it will feel like you're right around the corner and the countdown can begin!

But while I love you dearly, you do get on my nerves from time to time. It's only November, Christmas. And that means one thing – it's too early for you!

Last week, I saw you in every store in the mall. Your red and green sweaters, flashing toys, ridiculously early sales and neon twinkling lights[1]  - you were practically shouting that you were on your way. Halloween hadn’t even arrived yet! I’m sorry, Christmas, but that’s just a little rude.

Even though Halloween isn't my favourite holiday, I enjoy the appearance of black cats and witches’ hats, but I certainly don't need you breathing down my neck so much. Halloween gives you no excuse to be so creepy.

Christmas, it’s only November. We still have Remembrance Day, and our neighbours in the States still have Thanksgiving, I know we don’t have any more days off until you arrive but these holidays are just as important as you, maybe even more so since they haven’t been commercialized like you have.

Every time I leave my house I’m afraid to see your telltale LED lights because you’ve convinced another person that Christmas is only two months away. I shiver looking at my Newsfeed on buying propecia Facebook in case one of my friends has posted a daily countdown to Christmas.

I love you Christmas, but let’s slow it down. By the time it's really your moment to shine, people will be sick of you. With the way you're acting now, people are going to replace you with Boxing Day. Perhaps some already have.

In a nutshell, people are starting to think you're desperate, Christmas.



A Christmas lover who likes the wait


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