A fire consumed a local Crabby Joe’s Restaurant in the early hours of the morning on Nov. 1.

Area residents report hearing what sounded like an explosion around 2 a.m. that morning. Fire-fighting crews were called to the scene, 1705 Main St. W, less than 15 minutes later.

Upon arrival firefighters initially entered the building to work on fighting the blaze. However, once the roof became unsafe, they were forced to pull out of the building and focus on containing the fire.

Shortly after, a large section of the roof over the kitchen collapsed.

Firefighters succeeded in preventing the flames from spreading to the building next door, holding a Baskin Robbins store, a World Gym and other businesses.

No injuries occurred and the building is believed to have been empty when the fire began.

Initial estimates suggest that damage to the property amounts to $500,000.

The Ontario Fire Marshall’s Office are investigating the fire and trying to determine the cause of the blaze.

Ray Pollard, working for the property’s owner Durndurn Property Management, told The Spectator that it is too soon to begin thinking about the future of the viagra canada location.

A local folk-tale suggests that the fire could have been a result of a curse.

According to the legend, a woman who lived in the neighbourhood did not want the property developed and cursed the land where Crabby Joe’s stood. Ever since, no business has been able to last more than a few years-always mysteriously closing up shop.

Michelle Leitch, an Ancaster resident who group up in Dundas heard about it growing up.

“The rumour in high school [graduated in 1992] was that the place was totally jinxed, like nothing would ever survive there and that something was going on,” she said.

The location first housed a Ponderosa restaurant and then a Glider’s Bar and Grill, in the 1980s. After that, Tony Baloney, Dimaggio’s, Players and Crabby Joe’s all opened and then closed soon after.

“You’d figure the location would be good, and everything starts out awesome,” she said, “but nothing survives. I sure wouldn’t put a business in there.”

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