Todd S. Gallows
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Jack Reacher (2012)
Director: Christopher McQuarrie

A fairly competent potboiler with some entertaining moments. But I’ll probably forget I watched it in 24 hours.


American Hustle (2013)
Director: David O. Russell

An overrated ode to Scorsese. A lot of work and emphasis seems to be put on hair and makeup. There are some moments of brilliance, but it’s all very hammy. Jennifer Lawrence’s character was grating by design. Overall, this gets a lot right, but its story isn’t anything that hasn’t been seen before. It doesn’t seem to have that much to say by the end.


The Dirties (2013)
Director: Matt Johnson

Very bold Canadian film about two film geeks who decide to take their project in a very dark direction. It’s an impactful work on a small budget. A found footage film with a very clever and metafictive twist. What’s most surprising is that as a film about bullying and school shooting, it’s still packed with humourous punches.


Hello Herman (2012)
Director: Michelle Danner

Too busy spending its time being preachy and pretentious to be remotely interesting. It tried to say a lot, maybe too much, and of the too much that was said, most was too obvious. It just evoked way more eye rolls than thoughts.


+1 (2013)
Director: Dennis Iliadis

This little film has a pretty clever sci-fi concept that actually gets handled with some sharp execution here and there. But some aspects are a tad undercooked, especially the acting.


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