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Portable battery

Not sure about you, but I always find myself frantically looking for an outlet. I use my phone quite a lot, and the battery life often struggles to keep up with my social media life. A great way to prevent unnecessary frenzy and stress is to carry around a portable charger. This way, whether you’re in lecture or in between classes, your phone will always be fully charged and happy.

Good book 

Although school days are often filled with meetings and classes, it’s important to find some down time to unwind and chill out. Whether you’re a Kindle fan or a paperback fiend like myself, having some leisure reading material in your backpack is always a great idea. Read it during lunch, read it in between classes, read it on the bus ride home—you’re always learning, but in the best, self-directed way possible.


You’re filling your backpack with quality goods, so why not fill yourself with some as well? You never know when you’re going to get a little hungry between classes. Instead of the usual sugary granola bars or greasy bag of snack-sized chips (is the bag half full, or half empty?), it may be a good idea to have a CLIF bars or kale chips as replacements. Not only are these tasty alternatives, they’re also considerably healthier. Your body is a temple—if you want to have a great year, treat it with great stuff!

MUJI Stationary

We often stray towards places like Staples and Walmart for back to school supplies when, in fact, there are options for both higher quality and better value. One of my favourite stores right now for all things lifestyle is the Japanese retailer “MUJI.” MUJI is a leading power in minimalist goods, with their notebooks and stationary as prime exemplar of their unparalleled skill.

Moleskine Agenda

My agenda is the most important item in my backpack. While the convenience of devices nowadays has downgraded traditional agendas from necessity to novelty, I continue to enjoy the physical comfort of writing down my schedule with a pen. Available in various sizes, textures, and shades, the Moleskine agenda is my personal favourite with its supreme quality and no-fuss design.


For those who are fortunate enough to have a laptop, you may find yourself unable to leave the house without it. While many people prefer writing in notebooks (it’s scientifically proven as the best method to retain information due to muscle memory), laptops are great for efficiency and containing all of your information in one, organized place. Laptops are also great for down time, as you can virtually do anything with them (from watching Netflix to getting ahead on assignments).


Sometimes, people can be overwhelming and we just need to tune the world out for a little bit. Some students also prefer working in the library while listening to their own music. Whatever your reason, having a pair of headphones in tow is never a bad idea. If you’re looking to invest in a pair of quality headphones, check out Bose.

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