By: Kaitlyn Jong

By now, I’m sure many of you have heard about Elizabeth Gallagher and can completely understand why every single person would want to change their name to her name. Basically, her ex-boyfriend has turned to Reddit to search for someone with the exact same name to tag along on his Christmas trip around the world.

Jordan Axani and his ex-girlfriend purchased around-the-world tickets to six different countries, but came to an issue when the relationship dissolved, and found it way too expensive to change the name on all of the flight tickets. He is now on the search to find another Elizabeth Gallagher with a Canadian passport to make use of these tickets, free of charge. Since my name is nowhere close to Elizabeth Gallagher, I spend my days dreaming of a life where my parents made the right choice in giving me a proper name.

First stop: Milan


The first place I would visit in this beautiful Italian city would not be the gorgeous buildings, or shopping at the designer shops. No, the first place I would go would be a gelato shop for the biggest scoop of authentic lemon gelato I could imagine (sorry Mom, the pictures can wait). Being my first time in Italy, I want to take advantage of what I value the most, and that is Italian food. After gaining about 25 pounds eating pasta and risotto, the next stop is shopping. Of course I dream about shopping at brands such as Prada, Versace and Valentino that are headquartered in the city but realistically, that would leave me broke and fat.

Second stop: Prague


A couple days in Czech Republic’s capital city would be spent sightseeing and taking photos of the beautiful gothic churches and castles in this city.

Third stop: Paris


It has always been one of the main destinations I’d love to visit before I die, and as Elizabeth Gallagher, I would finally be able to. You can’t visit Paris without taking an Instagram picture of the Eiffel Tower at night covered in lights, which would be my first stop in the beautiful city. The Louvre would be another major stop in Paris, just so I can really see how tiny the Mona Lisa is in real life. I would end my travels in Paris with a Parisian croissant on the plane to my next destination.

Fourth stop: Bangkok


Thailand is another country renowned for their cuisine. I’m not trying to recreate Eat Pray Love, but my first stop in Bangkok would be the markets to try the delicious authentic Thai street food. Of course, no trip to Bangkok would be complete without seeing their beautiful temples and riding an elephant, a sacred animal in Thailand.

A trip around the world would be a dream, and I’ve already planned it. I wish the best of luck to Jordan Axani on finding another Elizabeth Gallagher to travel with, but I so desperately wish I were her.

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