When it comes to setting a romantic tone for a night you want to remember hopefully, the movie 50/50 is probably not the first film that jumps to mind. A protagonist diagnosed with a malignant tumor and his subsequent fight for survival is usually does not usually elicit romantic feelings on a date. But somehow, this movie weaved some unexpected magic for me on my Valentine’s Day.

50/50’s plot does not sound amorous on paper. That might not even have been its intention. Regardless, what an audience is left with is a remarkable piece of art that makes you want to cuddle up close to that special someone. The soundtrack, filled with some mood-setting songs by The Bee Gees and Roy Orbison play well with the charming Joseph Gordon-Levitt, reminiscent of his previous hit 500 Days of Summer. The chemistry between the two leads, the other being the talented Anna Kendrick, is surprisingly deep. You’ll probably find yourself smiling unexpectedly at the dismal hilarity of their relationship.

This movie occupies an important place in my past. Watching it helped me get over a past relationship, and watching it again helped me begin a new one. Unfortunately, I can’t ensure that by prescribing it to you you’ll have the same outcomes. I don’t know how likely it is to improve a first date, but I know even if it fails you’ll still get to watch a pretty awesome movie. Regardless, we’ll put the odds at 50/50.

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