Ronald Leung
Silhouette Staff

Trust is critical in all aspects of our lives, whether it be personal or professional. Humans are naturally trusting creatures.

However, there are times when we feel the truth is being withheld. Use these tips to weed out lies and get the facts.

1)     Watch Body Language: Sweating and fidgeting betrays the liars

2)     Seek Detail: The more you push for particulars, the more likely slip-ups will occur

3)     Be sensitive to unpleasantness: Liars are more uncooperative and make more negative statements

4)     Maintain eye contact: Only truth-tellers are generally not afraid to look you down

5)     Stressful symptoms: Experts say to look for a rise in vocal pitch or if you’re close, dilated pupils

6)     Pausing: When forced to make up a story, liars will often take time to pause and think

7)     Repeat your questions: Asking again allows for more inconsistencies to slip out

8)     Overly-honest: If someone continuously uses phrases like “to be honest”, they may be trying to lie, because most people assume they will be trusted most of the time

9)     You may be your greatest enemy: Ask yourself if you don’t want to hear the truth because if you don’t – you won’t

10)  Listen to your gut: If you think someone’s wrong, keep the pressure up.

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