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After over a year and a half break, the athlete of the week features are back. 

For the first time since March 2020, the Athletic and Recreational committee has released the athletes of the week spotlight for the week period ending Sept. 19. First year fastpitch player Aliyah Woolcock, and veteran cross country runner Alex Drover have been selected as the week's athletes of the week, racking up impressive statistics for the Marauders over the two categories.  

Woolcock impressed overall with her batting average of .875 in her first few games, whilst Drover led his runners and achieved a time of 55:32 with his partner, Caroline Forbes in their 8 km legs. 

Speaking to Alex Drover about his achievement, he expressed how surprised he was, as well as how proud he is to be featured in the first athlete of the week spotlight after such a long time. 

“To be honest with you, I was a little bit surprised when I got the notification on my phone. I didn't really expect it but I am very proud and honoured to be named as an athlete of the week,” said Drover. 

On the subject of the COVID-19 break and how it affected him, Alex made it clear that he was not set back by the break, and that it did not cause a big downfall for him. 

“The [COVID-19] break was tough for everyone, that is certain. But personally, as a runner, we were not really affected. I consider myself lucky as we consistently train outside, and practicing did not really get hindered by the break which was really good at the time. It did take some pressure off,” explained Drover.

When speaking to the fastpitch player Aliyah Woolcock, she was also rather surprised by the announcement, but was honoured to be a part of it. 

“I was aware that I did really well over the weekend. I was very happy about that, but it’s like I completely forgot about it. One day I got called to the office by my coach and then I was told to go take a picture for the award. . . It was all too quick,” said Woolcock. 

Aliyah also did not hide her enthusiasm with the fastpitch team and their chances for this season.

“I am so excited for this team. We are all really motivated and are looking forward to playing every game. I personally think that we have a really strong team and that we have a lot of potential that can be fulfilled. I also do hope that I will play every game and keep up the form from last week, as I want to help the team challenge for the medal this season,” said Woolcock. 

The journey does not end there for Woolcock and Drover. Both still have a long season ahead, and have just begun. However, it can be said that both have gone off to perfect individual starts with the athlete of the week accoledate. 

The next athlete of the week award is to be announced for the week of Sept. 26. 

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