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“It’s the most beautiful time of the year.” Oh, wait, that’s just a besotted Bieber singing about Christmas.

For some out there, Valentine’s Day evokes the same special sentiments. Others might consider it a Hallmark campaign gone awry with overpriced, unscented roses shipped in from halfway across the world and tons of sickeningly sweet chocolate.

Valentine’s Day is what you make of it – fantastic, awkward, boring, exhilarating. While one may typically see it as a day to be enjoyed with a significant other, it’s best not to limit yourself to this option. So make the most of being single. Why should the coupled up ones have all the fun? These ideas might help you celebrate a romantically saturated day in another fashion

1. Go out to dinner with friends. Restaurants may intimidate you on your own if they’re filled with couples canoodling over spaghetti. Be loud, laugh long and make the most of the evening. Being single means a fantastic night without obligatory dinner plans, so enjoy.

2. Hit up a club. Clubs may have Valentine’s Day specials (i.e. no cover for women) or anti-Valentine’s day affiliations (singles only). Go mix and mingle and dance the night away with friends, whether you care for specials or not.

3. Watch a movie. When was the last time you gave yourself a break from all that hard work? That’s right – take a night off, and go watch a movie with friends. If you’re feeling courageous, ask your crush (if you have one) to accompany you. This is definitely a break that we all can appreciate.

4. Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party. You’re not the only single one around, so make the most of it. Plan it for just a few friends, or lots of them. Show those without a significant other that they can have as good, if not a significantly better a time.

5. Get organized. Strange, right? But perhaps an evening devoted to cleaning up your act instead of moping about being single might be just what you need. Tidy your room, do your laundry, plan ahead for papers, midterms and assignments and tackle those things you’ve been avoiding. It might seem redundant, but you’ll feel on top of the world after, and that’s what truly matters.

6. Volunteer. Maybe this isn’t the first idea that came to mind for a single Valentine’s Day. You’ll help out your community and feel fantastic afterwards, not to mention all the heartwarming smiles and thanks you receive in return. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

7. Set up an online dating profile. So perhaps you’ve made your peace with singledom, but are curious about changing that status. Spend some time setting up an online dating profile, or two, or three. Give it a chance – can you truly say what will happen?

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