Amanda Watkins/ Senior LifeStyle Editor

When Hamilton's favourite burrito supplier shut down, foodies and drunken students alike awaited the arrival of the restaurant that would fill its place and decide the fate of Westdale's food facade forever. Delirious Burger Company opened its doors this past August at the corner of King Street West and Marion Avenue.

Walking along King, a colourful blackboard points customers towards the restaurant's front entrance while the Delirious black and white vintage insignia sets the standard for the space's sleek and modern design.

I awkwardly stumbled into the restaurant trying to make my judgmental presence as unknown as possible, and was pleasantly greeted by the equally awkward (but in a charming and friendly way) staff. I placed my order for a Classic Burger ($5.65) and an order of fries ($3.00). I was prepared to whip out my debit card when I was greeted by a poster reading: "Cash Only". You have been warned, make sure you visit CIBC prior to placing your order, otherwise you will need to leave and come back. Which is kind of weird.

After placing my order, I was impressed to see the chef grill and prepare my burger as I waited. The interior of the restaurant consists of smooth grey countertops and brushed steel stools accompanied by scattered greeting cards from customers and friends congratulating the owners. The store has the same sterile feel that many new restaurants have in their first months, but it is evident that it is growing to have a style and personality of its own.

The burger patty was well cooked and seasoned with an organic homemade feel, but the standard hamburger bun and toppings were relatively lackluster. Overall, the burger had good taste and consistency and was filling without being massive and overwhelming.

The fries, garnished with a heavier sea salt, were a little too heavy on the sea salt. But the generous portion and cute to-go packaging made up for my sudden rise in cholesterol.

As I sat outside the restaurant, I noticed the consistent flow of customers coming in and out of the store. Just two months in and it already seems to be a Westdale favourite.


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