Dina Fanara and Kacper Niburski

Assistant News Editors


There was a time when McMaster University was located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Back then, McMaster ushered its first school cheer that bubbled with off the wall one liners like “Boom on Star!” and “Boom! Fitz! Boom!”

Then in 1894, McMaster began offering degrees, and in 1930, the University experienced a dramatic shift and relocated to Hamilton. Since then, the University has established itself as a hub of intellect, creativity and ingenuity, reaching the heights of international rankings.

But it wasn’t always so promising. Behind the gothic architecture and cutting edge research, there are a variety of unspoken struggles and triumphs.

To forget the numerous accomplishments in education and research, the times of uncertainty and hardship, and the harrowing accounts of students being drafted into the Great Wars proud but never returning would be to forget where McMaster has come from.

2012 marks the 125th anniversary of this historical and enduring culture in McMaster University.

Events held throughout the year will commemorate the milestone in University history. A new website in honour of the anniversary was launched, and features event listings, old photographs and anecdotes of McMaster history.

This website will also soon feature a list of McMaster’s 125 most influential people, once the results from the “People of Impact” contest which was designed for this purpose is completed. The intention is to recognize those who have been most influential in the advancement of the University.

To add to the excitement, McMaster’s class of 2012 will be burying a time capsule between Edwards Hall and Alumni Memorial Hall filled with memorabilia of their time in university. The capsule will be opened in 50 years, in 2062.

Additionally, on April 23, Founder’s Day will be celebrated on campus to commemorate the momentous day when McMaster was deemed a university and received royal assent in 1887.

All of these are united by the fact that in 125 years, a lot can happen. McMaster owes its budding reputation to these previous years.

To put it simply: incipient beginnings were the origin of all of things McMaster and they will be the impetus underlying another successful 125 years.

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