Emma Suschkov
The Silhouette

You make some really beautiful dresses.  You make some ugly dresses too, and some dresses I don’t really understand, but still really want.  I’d like to own these aforementioned dresses but, for reasons beyond my control, I cannot.

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I think you’re missing a rather large target demographic when you design dresses.  The dresses and skirts on the market are absolutely PERFECT – if you are 5’4” or less.

It happens all the time – I’m shopping and see exactly what I want.  I go to try it on and then I check myself out in the mirror and – wait, when did this dress become a shirt?

I can’t buy clothes that don’t even cover the, you know, necessities.  It’s not about looking “slutty” (I will wear what I want, judgment be damned), it’s about the need to not flash everyone.  It’s not MY FAULT that nature made me tall and it’s not my fault that your dresses lead to public indecency.  Can you just do me a favour and ADD A MEASLY INCH OR TWO TO THE HEMLINE PLEASE?

This is not even coming from a six-foot tall girl – man, you girls have it rough.  How do you ever find jeans?  I’m 5’8”, and that is NOT that much taller than average.  Dresses/skirts should fit me!  Dressmakers, you would get so much money from so many more people.  Don’t you want that money?  Don’t you want to clothe the masses?

And yeah, I could go shop at those specialty stores for tall girls, where you see that longed-for “L” after the number size.  And where the prices are spectacularly exorbitant.  I’d love some well-fitting clothes, but I can’t sacrifice $150 at the altar of fashion for a single dress.

So please, people who design skirts and dresses for major retailers, make some things that’ll fit me.  Seriously, I need some dresses long enough not to need a pair of booty shorts as flash-prevention.

Get to it.

All the best,

Every dress-lover taller than 5’4”

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