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By: Gizelle Panton

#1 - Emoji

Simple, cute and funny. All you need is a yellow dress or t-shirt and a matching skirt or pants, black shoes and fabric markers. Simply choose an emoji face and draw the face on your shirt with the markers (try to make it look as close to the iPhone emojis as possible). However, if you are not confident with your drawing skills, simply print out your emoji on an iron-on transferable sheet and iron it directly onto your costume.

#2 - Netflix and Chill

Affordable, easy to make and guaranteed to draw a chuckle from your friends. Costumes that embrace puns are especially useful for all you lazy folks out there. A popular one this year is the simple “Netflix and Chill” costume idea. All you need is a red t-shirt with the Netflix logo printed on it, a pair of black shades and a bag of ice that you can carry around to really heighten the punch line. Bonus: If you don’t want to carry ice around all day, you can use an old stuffed pillowcase, and label it “ICE.”

#3 - Pumpkin Skull

For those who are skilled in art and are willing to do a costume that is equal parts horrifying and economical, this is for you. The materials needed for this costume include an entirely black outfit, gray eye shadow and black and white face paint. Start by covering your face in white face paint, leaving circles around the eyes (you can set your paint by lightly dusting it with white face powder). Fill in the eye sockets with black face paint, making the black circles wide enough to reach the tops of your eyebrows and to the top of your cheekbones. Create a triangle outline with black face paint on the nose, creating two peaks at the top instead of one and fill it in completely. Now it’s time for the jagged smile! Extend your smile by drawing two black lines that start at the opposing mouth creases and end along the same line that your eyebrows end. Draw and fill in medium-sized triangles along the top and bottom of your line, covering the lips. With gray eye shadow, draw a set of frowning eyebrows above the area where your real eyebrows are to emphasize the serious look of your face, and dust-grey eye shadow along your hairline to add depth to your skull. Voila! You’re ready to go out and scare the town.

#4 - Throwback Hippie

It’s always nice to bring back old fashion statements and embrace where our current trends have come from. Whether you choose 20s fashion, 70s hippie fashion or retro fashion from the 90s, throwback costumes are always easy to recreate and fun to do. Just break out the old bellbottom jeans, a tie-dyed shirt, platform shoes and a bandana to tie around your head and pull the entire look together. Go out there this Halloween and prove that the past styles haven’t been forgotten.

#5 - Super Mario Bros

These costumes are best for a group of friends. You’ll need multicoloured t-shirts and hats (red for Mario, green for Luigi, pink for Peach, etc.) and a set of denim overalls for each character. For Princes Peach and Daisy, you can either choose to wear overalls as well, or wear a pink/yellow pleated dress or a matching t-shirt and skirt. Bonus: if you are travelling to your destination with your friends, you can choose to travel on bikes with balloons that match your colour tied to the back to help enhance the effect.

Photo Credit: vrpowell2000 on Imgur

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