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With the rise in popularity of Supercrawl, Hamilton’s largest arts and culture street festival, the city is becoming increasingly known for its talented artists. Many of these artists can be seen at the Night Market at Absinthe (38 King William St.) during Supercrawl. On Friday Sept. 13 and Saturday Sept 14 from 6 p.m. - 2 a.m., the annual Night Market will once again take place at Absinthe on King William Street, providing a space for a wide range of eclectic and unique artists to showcase their work.

Julie Fazooli, the organizer of the Night Market, calls herself a multi-disciplined creative. With work ranging from graphic design and photography to event coordination, it’s easy to see why. Five years ago she piloted the Night Market with her friend, Lauren Olson, and she has been running it ever since. What began as a small group of five or six artists has blossomed into two days of food, music and creativity. One main goal of the Night Market is to create an all-inclusive space for both artists and patrons alike.

“We do really represent everybody in our market. We try to get a huge diverse group of people because we want everyone to be represented. It’s important that it’s accessible to everyone, and interesting to everybody and to give everybody a voice … [it’s] a nice little island where everyone is accepted,” said Fazooli. 

The Market features a mix of what Fazooli calls her top quality oddity vendors. There’s truly something for everyone, whether that be the recycled bicycle rubber accessories of Black Line Accessories, the scientific experiments of Nighttime Nicholas or something in between. The Market is curated to ensure that each artist is bringing something unique to ensure that there is no overlap. Many of the artists also support the environment.

“A lot of these vendors are repurposing or reusing or remixing existing objects, which is amazing to see, a lot of it is really sustainable,” said Fazooli. 

In order to make the most of the space, Fazooli and Absinthe have had to choose fewer artists than in years past; however, this means that the artists present are truly the best of the craft. 

“It’s going to be a little bit smaller, [but] it’s still going to be a huge party,” said Fazooli, “Bring your friends, bring your grandparents, bring your third cousin twice removed and bring your curiosity.”

The Night Market is open to all ages until 10 p.m. and is free. On Friday night, you can see Born in the Eighties, an 80s cover band that brings an exclusive Supercrawl set list that you will not want to miss. On Saturday, catch Take Cover, a 90s cover band that primarily covers grungy, late 90s songs. Both bands perform at Absinthe during their monthly decade themed nights, so if you miss them at Supercrawl you can always see them again. For up to the minute updates and a comprehensive list of vendors, check out the Night Market event page on Facebook.

Supercrawl is a huge event for the arts and culture scene, and it's important to support local artists, both big and small, in the community. Most of the artists at the Night Market are GTA centred, putting the focus on local and homegrown talent. The Market has made a space for local artists to experiment and create unique work.


The Night Market at Absinthe during Supercrawl - Sept. 13 & 14

Art event in Hamilton, ON, Canada by Fazooli and Absinthe Hamilton on Friday, September 13 2019 with 438 people interested.24 posts in the discussion.


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