Three people will join MSU President-elect Teddy Saull on the MSU’s Board of Directors next year. Vice-Presidents will be elected by the Student Representative Assembly at the meeting on Sunday, April 6; one for finance, education and administration.

While any full-time student may attend the meeting and run for a position on the Board of Directors, the members of the SRA also have to power to nominate individuals to run for the positions.

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Traditionally, these nominees are seen as favoured to win the jobs but a student from outside of the Assembly, technically, have an equal shot.

Elected Vice-Presidents work full-time for the MSU on a 12-month contract and, therefore, must be graduating students or be willing to take a year off from school.

Below are the nominees from the SRA meeting on March 30:


Vice-President (Finance)

Daniel D’Angela: SRA Social Sciences, MSU Finance


Inemesit Etokudo: Maroons Coordinator

Scott Mallon:  Former SRA Commerce, Finance Committee member


Vice-President (Education)

Jacob Klugsberg: MSU Teaching Awards Coordinator, Advocacy External Coordinator

Rodrigo Narro Perez: SRA Science, University Affairs Commissioner


Vice-President (Administration)

Jacob Brodka: SRA Science. MSU Services Commissioner, Maroons Public Relations Coordinator

Aaron Morrow: SRA Science, Executive Board member

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