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In our current struggling economy, having a degree is not enough for entry-level employment.

It may seem like a harsh reality check, however the hard truth is employers are looking to students to already have acquired soft skills, business suavity, networking familiarity or volunteer experience on top of a degree.

These are just a few examples of how undergraduates can gain that extra edge over a peer when looking to prospective employers.

However, consider this. What is the likelihood you will look to these prospective employers right here in Hamilton?

The majority of McMaster graduates are likely to leave Hamilton behind and search for these jobs in Toronto or other cities. Yet for the local business community and for many unaware graduates there is a gold mine of opportunity right in the hammer.

To provide an example, manufacturing has always had a long tradition in and is making a shift to the science sector.

Basing a large reputation on the science field is just one example of how Hamilton is an increasingly good opportunity for McMaster graduates to flee to for employment.

Fortunately for many McMaster students gaining that extra experience outside the classroom does not have to be an issue and Hamilton employers can worry less about keeping youth talent within the community.

Demonstrating leadership on McMaster’s campus, students are already working with the local businesses to solve Hamilton’s ‘brain drain’.

On Jan. 19 an event called People, Professions, Perspectives was held, with this very idea of solving the ‘brain drain.’ It was a youth-to-business networking forum specifically tailored to McMaster students and the Hamilton business community.

The event provided students with the opportunity to listen to key panelists about what companies look for when hiring graduates and how to keep young talent within Hamilton.

Responsible for planning and hosting the event is an on campus student run organization called AIESEC McMaster. A Local Chapter of a broader NGO student run organization which focuses on providing youth with leadership opportunities and global internships.

It runs on two main platforms: developing leadership potential in students and driving the business community by sourcing it with international talent.

Hosting the event is just one example how AIESEC works to drive the community and Hamilton businesses.

“There are students here eager to develop their leadership and learn more about the opportunities close to home, in Hamilton,” said second year Commerce student, Faheem Kaym.

The main objective, when planning People, Professions, Perspectives was to bridge the gap between McMaster students and the Hamilton business community.

It connected the two sectors of student and business into a networking event, with aims to better Hamilton. Needless to say the event did connect the community, with key panelists, including CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, David Adames, CEO of YWCA, Denise Doyle, a representative from The City of Hamilton Community Development Department, Glen Norton and a representative from Arcelor, Mittal Dofasco.

As the panelists unanimously agreed, “there is good work right here.”

During a question and answer period of the event, students were given the opportunity to ask panelists hard hitting questions regarding future employment.

One question that came up was ‘what has to change in Hamilton to get students to stay?’

Once again referring to the transition into a canadian online pharmacy cialis science base manufacturing, McMaster students are being accommodated with job opportunities in order to tempt them staying in Hamilton.

The city is working to keep McMaster graduates here. It is imperative to be aware of the chances being offered and to capitalize on  every opportunity before graduation.

“You are not experiencing Hamilton if you are not getting out of the McMaster bubble,” sais Glen Norton, a panelist at the event.

Students can develop themselves professionally and personally by expanding outside the classroom, as was acknowledge at the event, People Professions, Perspectives.

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