UTS has finalized its plans to upgrade campus Wi-Fi in several high-priority areas. The $100,000 pilot project will occur gradually over the next few months, and is expected to be finished by May of this year. The project was first announced in November.

A total of 90 Wi-Fi access points will be either upgraded or added to 12 buildings on campus.

According to John Kearney, chief information officer with UTS, the process of expanding Wi-Fi should be “invisible” but “in some cases there may be momentary pauses in service.”

Classrooms, conference rooms and lounges have been identified as top priority areas.

A list of building upgrades is below:

DeGroote School of Business
UPGRADE: B105, B106, B107

Kenneth Taylor Hall
NEW: B104, B105, B102, B135
UPGRADE: B110, B121, B123

Togo Salmon Hall
NEW: B105, B106, B107, B120, B126, B128, B130, B125, B180, 122,187, 512
UPGRADE: TwelvEighty

Chester New Hall
NEW: B107, 102, 106, 104
UPGRADE: B180, 183

Alumni Memorial Building
NEW: B130, B130/E, B130/A

McMaster University Student Centre
NEW: Everywhere

Gilmour Hall
NEW: 108
UPGRADE: B107, B109, Council Chambers, 203, 206, 212

NEW: 136, 162

Psychology Building
NEW: 151,155

Art Gallery
UPGRADE: Everywhere

Burke Science Building
NEW: B119, B103, B155, B135, B136, B139, B142, 119,120, 117, 121, 115, 108, 106, 137, 138, 145, 147

John Hodgins Engineering Building
264, 376

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