1) What is your choice snack food?

a. Celery

b. Potato Chips

c. Chocolate Pretzels

d. Plain sugar


2) Favourite Instagram filter?

a. X-Pro II

b. Valencia

c. Hudson

d. Kelvin


3) Best boy band?

a. Beastie Boys

b. One Direction

c. The Backstreet Boys

d. 98 Degrees

4) Best zoo animal?

a. Lion

b. Monkey

c. Panda

d. Platypus


5) Best peanut butter?

a. Low-fat

b. Smooth

c. Nutella...

d. Crunchy



Mostly A’s// Hockey: Ambitious and athletic, you’re a one-stop-shop for energy and muscle mass. People are drawn to your exciting demeanour and drive to live. But careful not to raise your stick to high, or you’re bound to knock out a few friends with your power.

Mostly B’s// Skating: You’re pretty cool. You like having fun and drinking hot coco by the firepace on chilly winter evenings. The world enjoys your cuddly approach to life, but sometimes you disppear into the sidelines.

Mostly C’s// Ice Canoe: You may be insane. But all the best people are. Keep doing you and living life to the fullest. I love you.

Mostly D’s// Laying on the ice, movingless: You are insane. But in a wonderful, eccentric, coloruful way. You are Luna Lovegood incarnate, and a hero to many. Just be careful that your mild craziness doesn’t scare to many away.

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