By: Katie Golobic


In the dusk of the summer months, the impending school year unfalteringly coincides with a serious dose of reality and sobriety. For many, however, it also means eight long, difficult months away from their romantic partner. Summer flings have ended, and university is often considered a time to ignite new or old flames of amour amongst fellow students. The adventure of a fresh new relationship is one that many are drawn to. Nonetheless, some decide to brave the task of maintaining a previously established relationship with said summer love, or even a high school sweetheart. The romanticism of long distance relations is one that is easy to fall victim to; it works in the movies, right?

The truth of the matter is (as with all things worth doing) long distance relationships are no walk in the park. They are a marathon of sorts - a long, often mentally straining and emotionally dehydrating marathon - but the payout can be immense.

Though not for the faint of heart, there are many ways to maintain a happy, healthy and long-lasting long-distance relationship. Whether your beau goes to U of T or Harvard, here are some simple, practical ways to keep it together whilst being apart.


  1. First and foremost, be prepared. Before both of you leave for your respective schools, plan ahead. Be sure that you are both fully committed and have mutual goals. If one individual’s heart isn’t in it, it could result in the other’s being broken.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate. We live in a world where technology dominates our lives, so why not submit to it? Text, make phone calls, Skype, or even participate in some more old-fashion forms of communication. There’s something about a hand-written letter to a loved one that just exudes romance.
  3. Practice the fine art of trust. If you spend your whole time wondering what your girlfriend/boyfriend is doing, it can poison the relationship. Chances are he/she is not sitting naked in a hot tub full of nude cheerleaders, but instead is probably cram studying for their upcoming physics midterm or trying to find enough change to go buy groceries for the week.
  4. Prioritize your time. It can be hard to not let your relationship become the most important aspect of your life, but one has to remember their other commitments as well. Don’t skip classes (any more than usual) and don’t forget that by compromising your future, you can compromise the relationship as well.
  5. Be passionate. When you are finally reunited, make the most of that time. Whether you go out on the town for the evening, or perhaps stay in bed the whole time, make it memorable. Make sure you leave with good memories and give each other an even better reason to look forward to the next time you are together.
  6. Enjoy your time apart. This is not lockdown at the state penitentiary. You may be in a committed relationship, but you’re in university for crying out loud – the last bastion of fun before the real world hits.
  7. Always remember: this too shall pass. Consider each day away from each other as one day closer to being together again.
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