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The Chef’s Wagon

16-24 James Street North

With an unconventional address, The Chef’s Wagon leads more of a nomadic life.

As a James Street staple food truck, the Wagon is located next to the James/King William intersection, but prefers an established location to conventional wheeled travel. Opened in December of 2012, this food truck is firmly planted as a fast and fresh place for homemade burgers on the go. Their patty meat is made fresh daily, never frozen, with local Hamilton ingredients, no additives or preservatives, and charming names like “The Mountain” and “The Steeltown Gyro.”





Mex-I-Can Restoraurant (not a typo)

107 James Street North

If the abnormal spelling of the word “restaurant” in its title isn’t enough to make you want to give them all your business now (and no, that’s not the Spanish spelling), then perhaps the genuine hole-in-the-wall atmosphere and cheesy (in both senses of the word) Mexican cuisine will.

Serving up your classic quesadillas, enchiladas, canada pharmacy chimichangas and so much more, Mex-I-Can gives you an authentic sketchy Hamilton restaurant experience complete with tasty and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Mex you can have your burrito, and eat it too.




The Burnt Tongue

10 Cannon Street East

With its grand opening just two months ago, The Burnt Tongue is already a local hot spot for soups and sandwiches. When we went by at lunchtime, the lineup was consistent and the restaurant was bustling. With a soup menu that’s updated every day, novelty sodas, and Rudy’s Paletas- delicious Hamilton-made gourmet popsicles- it’s no wonder they’re already a student household name.

Try the Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Soup with a Peanut Butter Paleta for dessert, and you will be one happy Hamiltonian.





Charred Rotisserie House

244 James Street North

Quality chicken is hard to come by on campus, so why not venture down to this Portuguese rotisserie for their stellar poultry? With full, half and quarter chicken dinners, their meat loving menu will make the most of your Paleolithic diet.

A home-y environment, friendly staff and a pulled chicken on a bun will have you coming back for more.






McCartney & Son Salad Emporium and Eatery

282 James Street North

This restaurant owner’s clients have included Robert Plant, Bob Dylan and Samuel L. Jackson. I know, right? Once a caterer to the stars, McCartney now runs this urban and spacious salad bar close to the corner of Barton and James. In addition to spending a hefty chunk of time serving celebrities out of Toronto, he is also the manager of Hamilton’s favourite sandwich shop and James Street classic, Jack and Lois.

Will a salad bar serving tens of toppings at $7 a pound, sandwiches, soups and ice cream, the Salad Emporium has enough to satisfy all of your cravings.




James North General Store

261 James Street North

It’s both a coffee shop and clothing store. Yes, the James North General Store is heaven on earth. Established in June of this year, this new shop will feed and clothe you. With inexpensive coffee and tea, vintage handbags, contemporary clothing, jewelry and work from local artists, the General Store puts a modern and trendy spin on a neighbourhood staple of the past.

Although they’re closed on Sundays and Mondays, head on over the Tuesday after Artcrawl for their monthly post-crawl, tax-free sale.





Mulberry Street Coffee House

193 James Street North

A super hip cafe open for your enjoyment, Mulberry Street Coffee House will pump you with caffeine in style. Serving up tasty beverages, including a Nutella latte, Mulberry also offers a diverse selection of homemade cookies, paninis and grilled cheese sandwiches.

In addition to food, their charming atmosphere with vintage couches, chandeliers and exposed brick walls will have you coming back again and again.  Sit back, relax and let Mulberry make you feel at home.





The Green Smoothie Bar

236 James Street North

For all the health nuts out there (bless your sweet devoted souls), The Green Smoothie Bar serves up delicious, nutricious and ambitiously crafted beverages.

On top of their tasty smoothies, you can also pick up some of their flavoured kale chips or packaged nuts. The next time you’re artcrawling, vintage shopping, or walking downtown, make a stop at The Green Smoothie Bar, your colon will thank you.

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