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All over campus you can hear the buzz of students and faculty alike talking about the upcoming homecoming game against the Waterloo Warriors this Saturday. If you’re anything like me, you got your ticket well in advance, but forgot one thing: McMaster gear.

Going to homecoming in any other colour scheme besides maroon and grey might give off the impression that your loyalty is with another team. To ensure that no one assumes my support lies with our competition, a trip to the Campus Store was definitely in order.  If much like this devoted Marauder who left her colours back home, here are last minute items to add to your homecoming wardrobe.


The Triple Tee Pack

In addition to this being a great way to save costs, if you’re a first year and are looking for some staple items to contribute to your McMaster clothing collections, check out this pack.

For $29.95 (plus tax) you get three McMaster University t-shirts in white, grey and maroon. If you don’t need all three, split with a couple friends. Be sure to layer these shirts with a long sleeve shirt of another colour to keep warm, otherwise you’ll be making trips to DBAC every ten minutes to warm up.


Circle Crest

The Circle Crest sweater, available as either a hoody or a crew neck, will keep you warm and cozy during the long game. Wearing one of these will not make your outfit stand out (as almost every student has this sweater in at least one of the four colours available) but it is one of those timeless McMaster pieces that you will wear over and over again. Both styles are available at the Campus Store for $29.95.


Classic Marauder Baseball Cap

In the off chance that the sun decides to show up to help cheer on the Marauders, be prepared with the Marauder baseball cap. With an embroidered crest on the front and the “Fear the Bird” slogan on the back, you’ll be able to enjoy the game without worrying about a glare or an awkward face burn in the middle of October. The hat is $21.95 plus tax, but worth it to prevent your nose from experiencing an intense sunburn the week before Thanksgiving.


All these items are articles of clothing that you have probably already seen around campus. This year, The Campus Store starting carrying items referred to as “cheer gear.” If you wish to stand out from the crowd at homecoming, but still show your marauder spirit, these new pieces may be for you. Or not…


MAC Daddy Fedora

The name pretty much says it all. For $8.50 plus tax, this polyester suede hat may not completely protect you from potential sunburn, but it will ensure you look like “that guy” while you watch McMaster defeat the Warriors.


Handlebar Moustache

Ever wanted to know what you would look like with a moustache, especially with Movember coming up so soon? This is your chance! Campus Store has a maroon handle bar moustache for those who wish to test out the facial hair waters while supporting their favourite football team.


Furry Leg Warmers

I’m honestly speechless.



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