Mac’s Money Centre wants to encourage and support your quest to become money savvy and successful.  We know that you all have dreams and money is one of the fundamental tools that can help you make those dreams a reality.  We know that is message is old and boring, but the truth is that designing a budget is the key to making your wants a reality. The “B-word” has really gotten a bad rap! So let’s try and make it less averse.  If we call it a spending plan and talk about spending with a purpose perhaps I can entice some of you to keep reading further.

The whole idea of tackling your finances seems overwhelming, an exercise in determining priorities and donning a straitjacket that will keep you from doing what you want. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! A budget doesn’t limit your freedom; it gives you freedom! It’s really all about being aware and intentional with what you do with your money.  It ultimately is about deciding what is important to you and following your values. When your spending plan is aligned with what you want, it provides a roadmap to how you will reach your goals – and that’s empowering.  You will find ways to meet your commitments and pursue a future that is based on your goals, preferences and needs for flexibility and creativity.

Hey, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that a plan can initially make you feel restricted but you need to see this is a temporary condition.  Once you figure out where your money is currently being used, you can then decide if these expenditures are a good use of your resources. Is it a change to your life style? Or a realignment of your priorities? Of course. But once you start to spend on items or experiences that add meaning to your life it’s not so hard to give up some of the other things that you thought you needed.

Most of us let money take control over ourselves but a spending plan allows you to be in control.

A budget will outline the core costs of your living needs: housing, transportation, and communication expenses.  But then there are the costs associated with expenditures that are, to some degree, discretionary and determined by your goals and values. Your budget is unique and driven by what you have pre determined to be necessary to make your life fulfilling. You are in charge of what you spend and that gives you flexibility.

Now you might be thinking this isn’t possible for me.  But I’m challenging you to give this some thought. Designing a plan takes time and some professional input can be helpful. Come and see us at Mac's Money Centre! It’s way easier than you think and you’ll start on the road to financial freedom.

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