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“I think it’s great here. When you’re an athlete here, you just become friends with other athletes easier. Everyone is a bit more welcoming because they understand your situation and lifestyle. It’s just fun at Mac. As the years went on, I fell more and more in love with Mac, the people here and everything it had to offer. When it comes down to it, I think it’s about whom you’re experiencing things with and not necessarily where you are. It’s about the people and I met great people at Mac.”

Taylor Brisebois
McMaster Women’s Volleyball


“It has been the best experience ever. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Everyone in my family went to Mac. I’m glad I went here because I knew how much everyone in my family loved it .”

Lauren Mastroluisi
McMaster Women’s Volleyball


“A Marauder is someone who competes, sacrifices and overcomes obstacles on the endless pursuit to success.”

Aaron Redpath
McMaster Men’s Basketball


“Being a leader. Being a team player. Holding yourself accountable on and off the court.”

Troy Joseph
McMaster Men’s Basketball


“As a Marauder, you get out of the sport exactly what you put into it. When you are training, when you are competing, the playing field is equal. You are not judged based on the colour of your skin or the commas in your bank account and that’s what I love.”

Rina Charalampis
McMaster Women’s Rugby


“I feel privileged to be at Mac and play on a team at this high-calibre level. Right when I got the offer from Mac I knew I was coming here. I went to camps here in high school and fell in love with the atmosphere. Nowhere else I looked compared to Mac. I love Mac.”

Alex Elliott
McMaster Men’s Volleyball

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