Jennifer Bacher / Silhouette Staff

Spring is on its way. How do I know this? It’s not because the birds have started chirping at 6 a.m. or that the days seem longer. It’s not even because the snow is beginning to melt. What marks spring for me, is when the stores debut spring fashion. This year it is going to be pastels, lace, florals and stripes.

Pastels are always popular with the coming of Easter and are even easy to wear right now. Look for tints of jade green and lilac in cardigans and skinny jeans, which are easy to transition and versatile throughout spring. Knitted tops and blazers are perfect for layering during the colder months.

Lace is the perfect feminine fabric to add an elegant sophisticated touch to any colour palate. Look for lace in dresses, accessories and tops in any colour. This year, cream, sky and rose are all favourites for lace. This trend is another piece that can be winter ready. Why not try a lace tank peeking out from under a blazer?

Stripes, a classic, can be used year-round. Stripes can be used to offset an otherwise monochromatic outfit, or to have fun by mixing with other prints. Whether it be horizontal, vertical, wide or thin, anyone can pull off stripes. Try a thick striped skirt with a solid top for a simple look or a navy striped top with red jeans for a nautical look.

As the perennials come out so do the floral prints. Wear the colorful prints with dark pieces now and plan on pairing with other pink and orange hues in a few months. This year’s trend for floral is pairing a bold sweater or cardigan with a crisp collard blouse and chic oxfords.

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