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By: Jennifer La Grassa

It all started this past summer when a girl at my work rubbed her pregnant belly and said “Yup, straight out of Netflix and chill.” The phrase she had used to describe the conception of her child was obviously a joke, but one that I couldn’t shake. All of a sudden, I began to see “Netflix and chill” on every social media account I owned. The popular page on Instagram, the trending hashtags of Twitter, and my Facebook timeline were consumed by memes of the world’s latest trend. Ladies, I’m sure there is nothing new I could tell you about Netflix and chill that you don’t already know. With it gaining recognition as the male’s newest mating call, my advice to all females is to not mate with the men who use it as we don’t want these Netflix and chill genes being naturally selected for.

I refuse to believe that this trend is representative of today’s modern dating scene. Netflix and chill is not a date, but rather a cop-out way to request casual sex from someone you barely know. It is a trend that belongs strictly within the world of Tinder and should not be confused with actual dating. Before I continue, I should mention two key facts. I am an avid Netflix user and I have never been asked to Netflix and chill, but I do offer my sympathies in advance to the guy who might ask.

You may wonder why I am so passionate about the topic. To be honest, I’m just over the hype. It was funny for the first two minutes, but if I’m forced to scroll past one more meme I will toss my phone, crawl into a cave, and live there for the rest of my days. In other words, I’m ready to move on, so if you still have “like to Netflix and chill” in your Tinder profile, you better believe I’m swiping left.

The fact that there are people out there who continue to use the phrase boggles my mind. It’s similar to the “YOLO” phase people went through, when you were deemed funny and cool when it first began, but if you’re still using it today people may give you one of those who-says-that-anymore faces.

I’m waiting for the day when Netflix and chill becomes a phrase of the past. Granted something else even more absurd will take its place, but I’ll cross that bridge when social media gets there.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why someone would agree to Netflix and chill without actually Netflix-ing and chill-ing. As a third year university student, the amount of time I have allotted to watching TV has reached an all-time low, hence it is very precious to me. If I actually agree to Netflix and chill with you, I expect there to be a hot pizza, red wine, and a Friends episode on. Otherwise, I will develop severe trust issues about our relationship. It’s nothing personal, I just take my Netflix and chill time seriously.

So fellow females, as we ride out the last of this “Netflix and chill” fad, let us remember and pray for the return of a time when this wasn’t a common expression. We can then all go back to actually watching Netflix and enjoying the many pleasures it alone has to offer us.

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