By: Sophie Hunter

It is baffling to me that a company exists whose sole purpose is to teach men how to objectify women. Yet here I am, reading up on how to “propel my dating life into a carnival of sexual abundance” with the help of professional pick-up artists who pride themselves on their womanizing prowess. There is a very large part of me that wishes I had stumbled across a parody site and that this is all some sort of horrible joke.

Real Social Dynamics is a company that claims to specialize in “attracting women,” providing their services to insecure men around the world. Their “instructors”— and I use this term reluctantly— travel across the globe to deliver seminars on the most effective ways to get a woman into bed, and for a fee will even join you on a trial run in order to give you one-on-one coaching in the field. The company has recently been brought into the spotlight because of the controversy surrounding one of its instructors, Julien Blanc, a man who has become known for his encouragement of violence against women as an effective “pick-up” technique.

What is incredibly troubling about this company’s existence, other than its shockingly misogynistic and down-right offensive instructors and platform, is the fact that there are men willing to pay in order to acquire the services that it provides. The company exists because there is a demand for its services. Men want to learn how to become more confident when talking to women, and are willing to follow the advice of men who are self-proclaimed “experts” on sleeping with large numbers of women through manipulation and coercion.

Why is it acceptable for companies like this to exist? Teaching men that dehumanizing and violating women is okay devalues women as a whole, and significantly contributes to the negative ways that men treat women in their everyday lives. Attitudes such as this move beyond the bar scene, where they should not exist in the first place, and impact women in the workplace, in their personal lives, and even when simply walking down the street.

The existence of a company that relies on the objectification of women in order to sell a misogynistic message to men shows that our society still has a very long way to go before women are fully valued as human beings. We have made significant progress in regards to the rights and protection of women. But Real Social Dynamic provides a startling wake-up call. There is still more work that needs to be done in order to properly educate people about the rights that women deserve.

Men need to be taught how to treat women with dignity and respect. Women do not want to be catcalled, women do not want to be a reward for an effective pick-up line, and women definitely do not want to be physically intimidated. Women are not objects to be won or obtained.

Women want and deserve respect. And that is something that truly needs to be taught.

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