The University has learned of a Redsuit songbook containing "sexist, violent and degrading material" and has taken action by formally suspending the large student group.

“The material is highly repugnant,” said provost and vice-president, Academic David Wilkinson.  “The University has clear expectations that everyone on campus show respect for each other.  The engineering songbook that we have learned about is highly disturbing and is the exact opposite to everything for which the University stands."

Effective immediately, the Redsuits are barred from organizing or participating in any campus events or activities. They will also not be allowed to organize any Welcome Week 2014 activities, which is the time of year when the Redsuits are traditionally most active on campus.

"Sadly, the small number of students within the organization and the redsuits they wear have now become symbols of intolerance and a sexist mindset that has no place at the University or in our society," said Ishwar Puri, dean of engineering.

The University is launching an external investigation into the matter and has vowed "rigorous scrutiny" for any forthcoming McMaster Engineering Society events. MES is the parent organization of the Redsuits, who are known for wearing red jumpsuits around campus.


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