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By: Mitali Chaudhary and Christina Ugge

Athletic sneakers vs. canvas shoes

Are athletic sneakers your thing? If so, comfort for you is obviously key. You care more about keeping your feet snug, as you choose to not jam them into a pair of strappy, pointy little heels. You might be sporty, laid back and you definitely don’t mind a little bit of travelling and exploring. Unlike your other friends, you don’t have to worry about blisters, or any other uncomfortable foot issues.

If you’re a canvas shoe person, you still care about comfort, but value aesthetics a little more.  You’re a person who loves variety, and made the smart decision of buying these because they look good paired with virtually everything. You’re also on the cutesy side, and really loved elementary school. Your appreciation of pattern, colour, fabric and glitter might have stemmed from there, which is apparent from the diverse types of canvas shoes you love and wear.

Kitten heels vs. pumps

If you love kitten heels (let’s be real) you’re probably on the taller side, yet still go for the professional and classy look, since it matches your personality seamlessly. You value comfort a little more, and might think that platform stilettos is a death sentence (how does one even walk on thin sticks?). You tend to dress business casual, are focused on what you want from life and are determined to get it.

Ladies who can rock pumps are fierce, and this measure increases with every extra inch added to the heel. If this is you, you’re probably outgoing, love wearing high ponytails and dressing in all black. Style matters to you more than comfort, and you look like you’ve got your shit together, also because your nails are never chipped. You’re definitely a great friend to have because you always have their back and you’re honest when they act in a less-than-intelligent manner.

Knee-high boots vs. booties

If your boots of choice are knee-high in length, you’re definitely a perceptive one. You realize that these boots are a wardrobe staple, and you use them to make dresses work in the winter, or instantly makes leggings look appropriate. You might be a little bit more reserved and uptight, but that also means you’re a perfectionist, and you get things done on time.

Booties imply that you didn’t want to commit to knee-highs, but couldn’t decide if you wanted to wear shoes either. You might be a little indecisive as a person, but having booties allow for that, and you sure are on trend. With these, you can dress on the casual side, or dress it up and can explore a variety of sartorial tastes. You also probably go to farmers markets, sip on lattes in cute coffee shops on the weekends and wear hip ripped jeans, then post it all on Instagram.

Flip-flops vs. sandals

As a lover of flip-flops, you might be classified as a little lazy since they are the easiest shoes to slip on. But you don’t care because who has so much time to think about shoes? You’re out there learning and adventuring, giving your feet some sun time and thinking about the beach. Unfortunately, all this daydreaming might be getting you late a little too often, which is why you choose to slip into your flip-flops every time you run out the door.

If you love wearing sandals of any kind (the strappier the better!), you’re a more summery and whimsical person. You probably enjoy going to music festivals, and wearing feminine dresses. As an individual, you have no problems committing to a decision; you paint your toenails regularly and upkeep them for as long as summer lasts. You’ve got your shit together too, sandal-wearers.

Ballet flats vs. toms

Is a pair of ballet flats your favourite? If so, you’re more of a gentle, old soul; you’re the quintessential girl next door. To any of your outfits, your flats provide a feminine and dainty take, which perfectly describes who you are as well. You probably enjoy all-day shopping trips, but are equally at home in a quiet library.

Do you enjoy having your feet mummified by a cute pair of TOMS? You’re definitely an individual that’s more playful, and loves to laugh and have a good time. You might be just a tad basic (but who secretly isn’t?), have many friends who love life as much as you and Snapchat a lot. Dressing on the casual side is your thing, which means you’re always ready to hit up the new sushi bar in town.

Photo Credit: Organized Chic Diva

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