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By: Hayley Regis

I’ve always loved watches and clocks. There’s something comforting in the subtle ticking of an analog and the modern efficiency of digital models. But as someone who used to get frustrated by military time, I’ve been making an effort to go classic and get used to telling time by the hands while still maintaining the clean lines that I so adore. Watches have the ability to change an outfit, either dressing it up or making it more casual. With a variety of watches available at different price points, here are some of my picks for a timepiece that you’ll want to watch the time tick by on.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 36MM Baker $175


I own this one so I’m a little biased, but it comes in two sizes with a variety of straps and finishes so I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. Clean cut, simple, and in true Marc Jacobs fashion, his moniker is tactfully inserted in a way that doesn’t make you want to cringe.

Mondaine Classic Swiss Railways Watch $220


Based on the clocks of the Swiss Railway, this watch is easy to read and comes in a variety of face sizes. Its price point is higher end for something so simple, but they really are built to last, unlike that IKEA desk you bought in second year.

Timex Modern Original Grande Classic $95


The cheapest in this rundown, Timex and Swatch are solid go-tos for anyone starting to take an interest in watches, as their prices are low enough that if you decide to revert back to using your iPhone, you aren’t out too much OSAP money. The black-on-black display is minimal but functional, and that’s basically how I got started in watches.

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol $229



Not a lot to say about this watch other than for something so simple it’s pretty drool-worthy. Clean, simple (are you sensing a trend?), and with more band choices on the site that seems appropriate anybody could find something to like here. No worries if you fall out of love with your choice, as the bands are easily interchangeable, making this watch truly timeless.

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