Not a single complaint: A singles survey

September 26, 2013
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Tomi Milos
The Silhouette

Single: “Will Calls”
Artist: Grizzly Bear
Album Shields: B-Sides

I’ve seen Grizzly Bear perform in support of 2012’s excellent Shields twice since its release and after hearing their latest offering I’d gladly go again. On the most recent occasion, I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Droste, Dan Rossen, and Chris Taylor (Chris Bear remained on the bus), but none of them hinted at new material — they all seemed to be looking forward to having time off. Last week the band announced the imminent Nov. 12 release of B-sides that didn’t make the album and made one available for our listening pleasure. ‘Will Calls’ is a sprawling gem that’ll have you clutching your palpitating heart upon its cathartic conclusion.

Single: ‘Over Your Shoulder’
Artist: Chromeo
Album: White Women

No, Chromeo’s new single isn’t about those peeks you sneak at the gorgeous girl who always sits behind you in lecture. Dave Malkovich and Patrick Gemayel have never been shy of confronting sexual themes in their nuanced take on electro-funk and they appear to be set to do more of the same on their upcoming record, White Women, which takes it name from Helmut Newton’s provocative first book of photography. With ‘Over Your Shoulder’, they take a stagnant motif in the form of female insecurity and give it a debonair twist that eluded Bruno Mars on his eternally annoying ‘Just The Way You Are’. Listen to it before you attempt to chat up that aforementioned honey for a dash of courage. (Disclaimer: It won’t make you as suave as Dave, so proceed with extreme caution.)

Single: ‘Reflektor’
Artist: Arcade Fire’
Album: Reflektor

When a band that’s been off the grid for as long as Arcade Fire announces new music, people pay attention. The Montreal super-group set themselves up for their comeback in a big way with the release of the title track from their new record, Reflektor. Though the album isn’t out until October 29th, it’s doubtful the wait will seem long as most people (read: me) will be content to while away their time listening to the first new music from the band since The Suburbs. Clocking in near the 8-minute mark, the song is a splendid return to form. Enlisting the production talents of James Murphy and David Bowie’s backup vocals (!!!!), the Canadian Grammy-winners have succeeding in creating yet another infinitely dance-worthy opus.

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