5 dates under 5 dollars

January 24, 2013
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By: Ana Qarri


Are you crushing? Are you broke? Are you having a hard time believing that money can’t buy you love? Lucky for you, we’re here to restore your faith in popular sayings and Beatles song references. Here are five totally acceptable cheap date ideas:


Candy Picnic.

Candy picnic? Yes, a candy picnic. Now that you’ve read this phrase three times, and it hopefully sounds normal enough, we can talk. What’s cuter that going up to someone and saying “Hey lovely, would you like to eat your favourite candy with me at some park as we look up at the Hamilton sky, where stars could potentially be spotted?”

The ‘lovely’ is optional.

The wink that follows is not.


Urban Exploring.

If you aren’t into watching the stars and reciting poetry on the first date (or ever), walking around the city and finding abandoned sites, old buildings, and hidden spots could be just what you need. You can get to know Hamilton as you get to know your date. If things don’t work out with this one, at least you’ll get a long list of places to choose from for your next date.



Whether or not you’re actually artistically knowledgeable, speak with a fake (or real) British accent and charm your date with your humour and wit. Conversations about art are never boring. Luckily for you, Hamilton delivers with its monthly Art Crawls and McMaster’s own Art Museum. So grab a hand (consensually) and get some (culture).


Skating, Biking, etc…

Take your fairly-significant other skating. If they don’t know how to skate, you can hold their hand and teach them. If you both own bikes, get on them and ride away into the sunset, wherever that may be. Probably west.


Your bed.

Alright, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, but beds can be pretty comfortable; the weather is horrible and you want to stay indoors. So watch a movie, listen to music, bake some cookies, make some tea and talk about your lives - all from the comfort of your very own bedroom.

Making out is totally an option, too.

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