Black History Month how now passed, and this is what Ath and rec did to celebrate it  

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The McMaster Athletics and Recreation department organizes in- game events to highlight the importance of Black History Month

Observance of Black History Month holds great significance globally, and in Canada, it is observed in February to pay tribute to the contributions of Black communities across the country. This celebration presents a unique opportunity for people to acquaint themselves with captivating stories accounts of Black history.  

Albeit the thorough controversies surrounding the university and their treatment of Black athletes over the years, McMaster University sports community took time this month to reflect and uplift the Black voices and stories. The Athletics and Recreation department organized a range of events such as in-game occasions to celebrate the month and to honor its Black athletes across all sports.   

On Feb. 1st, the Marauders cited that “With a focus on Black Excellence: Maintaining the Momentum, McMaster will kick off the month with a day-long Black Expo in the Student Centre atrium”.   

At the beginning of the month, it was announced that there would be a couple Black History Month games across the department, with various varsity teams participating. The objective of these games would be to promote the cause and provide McMaster clubs with the opportunity to host booths during half time intervals. On Friday, Feb. 3, the men's and women’s volleyball teams started off the first two games for the event.  

In an impressive display of athleticism, the men's volleyball team dominated their opponents, the Royal Military College Paladins, with a resounding victory of three sets to none (25-16, 25-8, 25-6). This win added to their already impeccable record of 15 consecutive OUA wins at the time.  

The women's volleyball team also shone in their game against the same opponents, achieving another sweep to cap off the first two games of the Black History Month event. Both teams showcased their strength and skill, leaving fans in awe of their performance.  

For the second set of games, the maroon colors were defended with pride by the men's and women's basketball teams as they took on the Waterloo Warriors. The men's team proved their mettle on Feb. 17 with a decisive 83-64 win, further solidifying their position in the OUA table.  

The women's team followed suit with an impressive 81-61 victory, concluding the highly successful Black History Month games that took place on campus. Fans were excited by the teams' displays of skill and teamwork and the university community rejoiced in the celebration of Black excellence and culture.  

In addition to the games taking place, the Athletics and Recreation department partnered up with the Black Student Athlete Council to create space for various clubs such as Mac Africans, Black Space, MACaws to host stands at the game settings and promote the event.   

Just like every other year, the McMaster athletic community did not miss out on the chance to honor Black athletes and their accomplishments throughout the campus. In addition to publicizing the observance and paying tribute to the athletes, the Athletics and Recreation Department enticed the student community to the events around campus by hosting four different Black History Month games, whilst providing an opportunity for different clubs to take part in the initiative with their booths at the games.  

After the scandalous controversies that were surrounding the sports scene at McMaster with allegations of racism among other problems, this is the least that the Marauders can do for their Black students in their path to corrective action.   

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