Culinary Class Act: Fuwa Fuwa

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First opening this location last summer, Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes in Westdale Village is a fun and cozy restaurant filled with uniquely delicious treats and drinks

What it is:

Fuwa Fuwa (2 Newton Ave) is a pancake and dessert cafe – those words are enough to convince any desert lover to try it. The name literally translates to "fluffy fluffy," which is the perfect word to describe their iconic pancakes. Along with their pancakes, they have desserts, drinks and even special savoury items that are definitely worth checking out.

Walking into the building feels like taking a breath of fresh air. The entire room feels calm, with their yellow colour palette and comfy yellow chairs. The modern wood of the walls and the giant glowing letters stating “good coffee + fluffy pancakes + heavenly desserts = love” give the restaurant a very cozy atmosphere. From Monday to Thursday they are open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. From Friday to Saturday they are open 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. and on Sunday they are open 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

How to get there:

This location can be found in Westdale Village right between the restaurant Chaska and TCBY. From campus it is a nice and leisurely 10 to 20 minute walk or you can take any bus route in that direction, such as the 5 or the 10, in under 5 minutes. 

The cost:

The prices range from around $4 for the smaller treats, $5 for drinks and $10 to $18 for meal-sized pancakes, waffles and sandwiches. At around $15, the pancakes may seem pricey, but for what you get it is definitely worth it. They come with a lot of different toppings. For example, the Nutella one I ordered came with fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Most of the drinks are around $5, which for a fancy drink is very impressive considering how much coffee prices have inflated in recent years! 

What to get:

As a first timer, I feel it is best to begin with the obvious choice, one of their fluffy pancakes. The light airiness of them is truly magical. However, to get them that brilliant, it does take around 20 minutes. So if you’re in a rush, I would suggest one of their many beverages, such as a milkshake or fizzy soda. You could also grab a little sweet treat, like one of their burnt top cheesecakes, their ice cream roll cakes or their macarons. If all of the sweetness is too overpowering for you, try their savoury croffle sandwich (a hybrid of a croissant and a waffle), with flavours such as avocado, ham and cheese and even smoked salmon! Regardless of your mood, the time of day, or your appetite level, Fuwa Fuwa's menu always has something for everyone.

Why it’s great:

This versatile restaurant can cure your hunger for any meal — breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. Although they specialize in sweet treats, they also do have many savoury options! They also play instrumental music to create a calming environment as well. It is the perfect place to catch up with friends while enjoying an exquisite desert. Additionally, they do have Wi-Fi — convenient for late morning or afternoon study sessions.


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