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November 10, 2011
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Katherine George 

Silhouette Staff

It’s not uncommon for university students to be unemployed, slaving away at minimum-wage jobs or drowning in student debt. As a result, leisurely activities such as shopping can easily become stressful activities. Fortunately, shopping for high-quality clothing does not always have to come at great expense. Both men and women can make minuscule changes to their shopping habits that will allow for increasingly better purchases on a penny-pinching budget.

The most obvious way to save money is to avoid shopping at designer or brand-name stores. These stores may have high quality items, but they tend to be over-priced. Instead, choose department stores such as Winners or Marshalls. Department stores are often overlooked by individuals because people do not have the patience to search around in stores that seem to operate in a disorganized manner. But, they carry brand names and high fashion items for a substantially lower price.

Shopping on a budget is also about replacing money with time. In order to find that right piece of clothing, the shopper must be willing to search through piles clothing in order to find that special one. Keep in mind what you’re looking for when you venture out looking for an outfit. This way, you will avoid purchasing items on impulse that are not needed.

In addition, before you leave to go shopping, take an inventory of what you already own. This will also prevent any unnecessary purchases.

If you are shopping for a specific night, whether it is a formal event or even just a weekend out with your friends, you do not necessarily have to purchase an entirely new outfit in order to create a new look. While you are shopping, consider an accessory to an outfit, like shoes, jewellery or, you’re male, a tie or dress pants.

Finally, hit up the clearance rack. Push aside the shame of walking towards the red sale sign and dig through looks from earlier in the season. Just because an article of clothing is not fresh on the racks does not mean that it is not worth your time.

With help from these few small tips, shopping for high quality clothes does not have to come with burning a hole through your wallet. It can be affordable and maybe even leisurely again!

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