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Sasha Dhesi
January 19, 2017
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Chukky Ibe - Political Science V

Stressing feasibility and student outreach, Chukky Ibe offers a vision of building upon the current foundation of the McMaster Students Union.

Ibe is a fifth-year Political Science student who cites his competitive edge as his experience both inside and out of the McMaster community

Within the McMaster community, Ibe has held positions on the Student Representative Assembly, worked with MSU Diversity Services for 2 years, as well as work for the Student Success Centre on Welcome Week programming such as IRIS.

In the Hamilton community, Ibe has worked for city hall as well as being a large part of Hamilton’s spoken word scene through his involvement with the Hamilton Youth Poets.

Ibe’s platform runs on the idea of feasibility. Divided into eight pillars, Ibe’s platform spans a wide array of topics, ranging from improving wifi on campus to lobbying alongside the Ontario government for open-source textbooks. A simliar program exists in British Columbia.

His biggest points among these eight are the Neighbourhood Assistance Program, which aims to foster better student-resident relationships, his affordable textbook strategy, which calls for the implementation of an open-source system, and the MSYou initiative, where students are asked to vote on different platform points for a president-elect based on the platforms of other candidates and student surveys.

In addition to these larger points, Ibe’s platform also includes smaller points aimed to improve student life. Ibe wishes to expand the Mac Breadbin Good Food box program to send subsidized groceries to each member’s home. The current system requires members to pick up their box on campus.

Additionally, Ibe plans on creating more bus shelters on campus and expand the current ones on campus to protect more students from the cold. The main stops on campus without bus shelters are the stop in front of the McMaster University Student Centre and the stops by at University Ave. and Forsyth Ave.

Among his many platform points, Ibe cites his point concerning expanding childcare for parents attending university as his most ambitious.

“I say child care because it’s a heavily regulated industry by the province but also the municipality so we’re going to be working with a lot of those partners,” Ibe said.

Opponent’s platform he’s fond of:

The exam bus shuttle service on Aquino’s, Patricia’s and Shaarujaa’s platofrm

When asked which candidate’s platform point he admired the most, Ibe cited the shared point of a shuttle bus service on campus, which is currently on the platform of Aquino Ingio, Patricia Kousoulas, and Shaarujaa Nadarajah.

“I think they’re super important and whatever the outcome I’m dedicated to make those happen,” Ibe said.

Platform he’s most critical of:

When asked which candidate he was most critical of, Ibe declined to comment.


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